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Caricatures of People from America

Abraham Lincoln

Al Gore

Barak Obama

Barak Obama

Barak Obama

Barak Obama

Bernie Sanders

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

Colin Powell

Condoleezza Rice

Dick Cheney

Donald Rumsfeld

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Dwight Eisenhower

Franklin Roosevelt

George Bush

George Bush

George Bush

George Bush

George Bush

George Bush Sr

George Bush Sr

Harry Truman

Henry Kissinger

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Jackie Kennedy

Jesse Jackson

Jimmy Carter

Joe Biden

John John Kennedy

John Kennedy

John Kerry

John McCain

John McCain

Kamala Harris

Kenneth Starr

Laura Bush

Lyndon Johnson

Madeleine Allbright

Malcolm X

Marilyn Monroe

Martin Luther King

Melania Trump

Michael Bloomberg

Michele Bachmann

Michelle Obama

Mike Pence

Mike Pompeo

Mitt Romney

Monica Lewinsky

O.J. Simpson

Paul Wolfowitz

Ralph Nader

Richard Nixon

Robert Kennedy

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

Rosa Parks

Rudolph Giuliani

Sarah Palin


Ted Kennedy

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