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Magixl is a belgian company located in Genval operational for several years now in the area of advertising and communication.
Caricature Zone was established out of a passion for caricatures by two graphic designers, Marie Meunier and Patrick Sterno. The mailing address :
Magix.L sprl
Rue du Tilleul 107 - 1332 Genval

Caricature Zone includes over 3.000 caricatures instantly recognizable caricatures of the famous, past and present.

Terms of Use

When accessing and using the site, you must comply with the following terms and belgian laws. By accessing and surfing this site, you agree unconditionally to the following:

1. Property
This site is the property of Magix.L sprl and is administered by MagixL, located at: rue du Tilleul 107 at B-1332, Genval, Belgium.

2. Copyright
All of caricatures on were created by MagixL. These caricatures are free for you to use on your personal Web pages with a link back to this site. Do not use on commerical Web pages, or sell, use in any other way, or put in any collection without the permission of MagixL.

3. External sites
MagixL makes no representation whatsoever regarding the content of any other web sites (the "External Sites") which you may access from this site. When you access an External Site, please understand that it is independent from MagixL and that MagixL has no control over the content on that External Site. A link to an External Site does not mean that MagixL endorses or accepts any responsibility for the content or use of such External Site.

4. Responsability
MagixL will not be held responsible for unintended use of the contents of this site by the user. For example, we do not guarantee the absence of errors in the proposed functions offered on site; the immediate correction of eventual errors; the absence of viruses or any other defects on thesite.

5. Respect of privacy
Visitors to this site who so desire may subscribe to the site and take part in competitions and newsletters. As part of these activities we record certain data such as last name, first name, date of birth, and sometimes address. These data are provided on a voluntary basis. On no occasion shall we automatically record personal data unbeknownst to visitors. Data regarding technical configuration and transmission are, as a matter of course, analyzed by the server in order to adapt the site and to calculate statistics. Information gathered in this manner is for internal use only. It is used to improve content on the site, to change and/or modify layout, to inform subscribers of site updates and/or competition results. Every subscriber has the right to unsubscribe at any time simply by sending us an e-mail in which the request is made to unsubscribe. Data gathered are required for processing your application and for sending out subsequent data. The recipients of this data is Magix.L and its partners. You are entitled to access and correct data held on you (Belgian Protection of Privacy Act of 8 December 1992).

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