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Listed below are some of our favorite places on the web, designed by some of the best Caricaturists around the world and some other interesting non-caricature links.

If you don't believe this is a wonderful website, what the hell are you doing here ?

News and online gallery for caricature master Sebastian Kruger. Residing in Beverly Hills, his best-selling books of celebrities and stars have made him popular worldwide. Fantastic!

Jan Op De Beeck
Jan Op De Beeck's site offers a huge gallery of his caricatures, sketches, ceramics and watercolours. Fabulous!

Philip Burke
Great web site in Flash with gallery, products and news from this world-renowned artist who has been published in hundreds of international publications. Original!

Kirsten Ulve
She works in character design, editorial and fashion illustration, fashion illustration, advertising, and corporate identity. All of Kirsten's illustrations are sketched by hand, scanned and finished digitally in Adobe Illustrator. Brilliant!

Al Hirschfeld
Site of Margo Feiden Galleries, exclusive representative of this great artist. Include biography, artwork, books and more. Respect!

Piven World
Born in Uruguay, Hanoch Piven now resides in Barcelona. Like the famous artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Piven makes composite heads with a variety of objects. By example, he turns the nose of Barbra Streisand into a microphone. Artistic!

David Levine
A great collection from the king of "crosshatching". This gallery contains nearly 2,000 illustrations by David Levine, from 1963 to the present. Here you'll find presidents and poets, composers and scientists. Masterpiece!

John Kascht
Portfolio with very expressive caricatures in color or in black and white created by John Katch for some of the finest international magazines. Laughing!

Paul Moyse
Paul Moyse is a very good caricaturist working in the UK. His online course in caricature covers all areas of his work. Very interesting !

Patrice Ricord
A wide selection of the best drawings from this French Master of caricature and portrait. Total Ricord!

The French Touch. Some exemples of his talent. Great!

Ismael Roldan
Illustrator specializing in caricatures of celebrities and famous personalities. Muy bien!

Enjoy the "flashy touch" of this web site and discover all the masterpieces from Pismestrovic. Beside his work for 40 newspapers and magazines, he organised 25 exhibitions of his own works in former Yugoslavia, took part on numerous cartoon festivals around the world. He also made illustrations for various books, posters, records and mascots.

Pablo Lobato
Waow!... Stop everything and go see it. It's just the perfect mix of both caricature and graphic design.

Omar Figueroa Turcios is an original artist from Columbia. His surrealistic caricatures are not far of masterpieces of Picasso. Delirium Tremens guaranteed!

Leo Martins
Another young brasilian artist in the line of Turcios. Highly recommended!

Jay Bevenour
Very talented illustrator for Sports Illustrated,, Newsweek or The Wall Street Journal. Site in Flash and easy to navigate. Pro!

Layron Dejarnette
Animation director and character designer, Layron Dejarnette has illustrated characters for Disney and you can recognize the Disney touch in his cartoon illustrations.

Zach Trenholm
Caricaturist of the website Although too based on computer (and Adobe Illustrator), he has great graphic solutions that result in a very consistent job. A "Must"!

Some great celebrity caricatures from this talented spanish are available here. Don't miss that site!

Dale Stephanos
Look at his great portfolio. Funny caricatures with super realistic airbrush style were published on most important US magazines. Del(Dale?)ectable!

Jota Leal
Check out this great website in Flash coming from Venezuela. You will certainly love the style which is similar to Krueger. Delicious!

David O'Keefe
Interesting link with 3D hand-made celebrity caricatures and a gallery of rich illustrations. Amazing!

Niall O'Loughlin
New website built in Flash by a top-quality web designer. Find funny caricatures of football players and Irish celebrities like U2. He also makes illustrations and animated ads. Hot!

Laurent Deloire
French blog signed by a talented artist.

***Very good websites

Tom Richmond
Tom Richmond began his career drawing caricatures at Six Flags Great America theme park and continues to create caricature and cartoon illustration in several different arenas. Tom has had work published in a great number of nationally distributed magazines, books, comics, CD-ROMs and other publications. He has recently done movie and TV parody work in Cracked and MAD Magazines.

Caricatures, cartoons, short animations, character designer and other humour illustrations.

Marc De Roo
Belgian illustrator presenting his techniques and portfolio.

Wouter Tulp
Wouter Tulp is coming from the Netherlands. He is a painter and an illustrator. His caricatures are published in many authorative magazines and newspapers in the Netherlands, like De Tijd, Algemeen Dagblad, Playboy and many more.

Wes Tyrell
Excellent illustrator and unique graphic designer, Wes is a caricature artist from Toronto (he works for The Globe & Mail and Maclean's Magazine). Look at his great site.

Edward Sorel
Large presentation of Edward Sorel, great caricaturist of the 20th Century. Admire his social and political satires in the line of Honoré Daumier.

Ed Steckley
Ed Steckley has been a successful freelance artist and caricaturist since 1991, specializing in humorous illustration and caricature for advertising and editorial publications like "Real People" and "Cracked Magazine".

Gonzalo Cárcamo
Admire the work of this Brazilian artist who is also a painter and graphic designer.

David H. Cowles
His work has appeared in Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, Time, Newsweek, The New York Times and Vanity Fair, among others. Nice references! What more can I say... Just GO to see this website!

Santy Gutiérrez
Cool caricatures and wonderful web design.

Joe Bluhm
This young artist works in Orlando. You can find him at Sea World, drawing caricatures while pursuing his own caricatures and illustration in the meantime.

Glenn Ferguson
Glenn lives in Florida and is the Vice-President of the NCN (National Caricaturist's Network). He is also the manager of the caricature concessions at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures in Florida.

Diego Puglisi
This big fan of the Three Stooges is a caricaturist and cartoonist coming from Argentina.

Jason Seiler
You will find great caricatures of famous stars like The Ramones, Eminem and Elton or Jack Nicholson on this site. Don't miss this link ! Or discover this artist in the Poag Mahone's restaurant that honors Chicago's greats.

Graeme MacKay
Professional political caricatures from the Editorial cartoonist at The Hamilton Spectator. Enjoy a lot of drawings from this canadian artist who has been published in major daily newspapers across Canada.

Steve Brodner
Great caricaturist from New York. In 1998, he designed and painted the movie poster for Warren Beatty's "Bulworth".

Hans Deconinck
Check out the great gallery by this belgian caricaturist and clear tutorials explaining how to draw caricatures.

Dimple Art
Your complete one-stop shopping point for all caricature related products.

Terry Dunnett (Tel) has been a Police Artist for the last 18 years but has always had a real love of caricature. On retiring he now provides a quality studio based service in Perth, Western Australia.

Victor Pross
Another professional artist specialized in caricatures and illustrations.

Luis Ordonez
For this artist from Argentina, caricature is a gift that God gave to him.

Matt Hirschfeld
Matt Hirschfeld is a graphic designer from St. Louis, MO. He rist Al Hirschfeld. He creates caricatures that incorporate various elements of the famous Hirschfeld style, however his work is done purely digitally on the computer with Adobe Illustrator.

Steve Roberts
Check out the Steve's blog for regular updates

Richard Clark
He has done advertising art for Pepsi, Dr. Martens, Discover/Novus, Reebok or Hugo Boss. He is also a very talented caricaturist.

Spot On! Caricatures
George Williams is fully qualified professional freelance illustrator whose work can be seen regularly on most major TV channels and National Magazines from the U.K. Very quick, he turns Caricaturing into a spectacle sketching one caricature every 3-6 minutes.

Oscar Barrientos
Graphic design studio in Germany.

Paddy Boehm
This talented german artist was influenced by european comic-artists. He is now working as a layouter in a publishing house. Take a moment to visit a complete gallery with great caricatures of Avril Lavigne and Alice Cooper.

Derren Brown
Take a look at the artworks of this magician and the caricatures of Woody Allen, Jack Nicholson or Sinatra. Delectable!

Neil Davies
Who? What? Why? How much? All you need to know about the caricaturist Neil Davies.

Looking for great caricatures to illustrate your newspaper or magazine? is the right place to download high-quality caricatures from great artists like Patrick Dea, Samsudin Ismail, Ben Lafontaine or Jan Op De Beeck.

Photomâcon allows you to easily draw stupid faces. You can send them to your best friend or to your worst ennemy.

You draw
Draw your own caricatures on the Youdraw E-PAD and send it to a friend.

Learn how to draw
Drawing faces, caricatures, portraits, even cartoons is so learnable! Now you can how to draw like an artist online! Begin by learning the fundamentals of drawing with easy to follow interactive instruction.

French artist drawing most famous French celebrities.

Pavel Jakubec
Pavel Jakubec is an artist from Bratislava. On his website you can find caricatures from photos, illustrations, cartoons,...

Cartoon Vegas
Another commercial website? Yes, that's right... but this one contains two originalities: first, Tielman Cheaney has a unique style of drawing. Check out his gallery. And second, you will enjoy complete lessons to learn how to draw caricatures.

**Good websites

The Nose Caricature Artist Directory
Nationwide Caricature Artists Index. Provides caricaturists nationwide for parties, gifts and illustrations. Samples online for dozens of artists across the USA.

The National Caricaturist Network
World's Largest Organization of Professional Caricaturists!

Enjoy nice caricatures of BB King or Sinatra done by this Award winning caricaturist (2002 NCN Golden Nosey).

Cindy Procious
Member of Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, Cindy Procious lives and works in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

John Pritchett
Originally from Florida, John moved to Honolulu in 1974. Nationally, his work has been published in newspapers around the country including The Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, Philadelphia Inquirer and Seattle Times.

Chris Rommel
Chris Rommel serves most of Wisconsin and Minnesota for event entertainment. His ability to skillfully capture a humorous likeness of each individual has clients requesting him to return for many annual events. View examples of caricatures on Chris Rommel's portfolio page with samples of live, gift, airbrushed and studio artworks.

Caricature Shop
Have a special birthday or occasion on the calendar? Caricature Shop can incorporate your desires in a timeless caricature. You can contact Rob Maystead to arrange for on-site caricatures in the Lexington, Kentucky area. His web site includes caricature samples and prices.

Brad Wightman
Looking for a caricaturist in Australia ? This very professional web site explains step by step the best way to send an order. He mainly does live caricatures but you can view samples of Brad's artwork on his gallery of celebrities.

Works of Pinch have been published in a lot of Croatian magazines and newspapers. He offers cool wallpapers of celebrities on his website.

Agustín Sciammarella
The border between art and caricature.

David Pugliese
The artwork of this artist coming from Argentina is the product from the investigation of different techniques (caricatures, sculptures, 3-D,...)

Vincent Altamore
Check out his portfolio with great caricatures and portraits.

Jose Serrudo
Great gallery with pretty caricatures but also some samples of illustrations and 3D images.

La Tibetière
These old caricatures of the seventies were published in the belgian magazine "Tintin".

Silvio Irilli
Very appreciated in Italy for his caricatures of the squadra azzura and participations in TV-shows.

Eric Palma
Minimal website for this great artist.

Wilfried Steurer
Mr. Bean, pure product of England, welcomes you in... German. Was is das? Das ist normal because Wilfried is Austrian. You will find here lovely caricatures and various applications of its work (booklet, calendar,...)

Doby Grafika
You will find on this Polish site a great number of historical caricatures of personalities.

Jay Lincoln
Samples of caricatures associated with funny anagrams (Georges Bush=He bugs Gore). There are over 200 stock art images currently on this site.

Andy Davey
Check out the caricature gallery of this artist coming from UK or watch him drawing a caricature (you'll need Quicktime). Enjoy also gag, political and editorial cartoons published in "The Guardian" and "The Scotsman".

Miroslav Gerencer "Gero"
This freelance artist is a member of the Croatian Cartoonist Association and European FECO. You find here a gallery of celebrity caricatures drawed in color and in a very clean style.

Caricatures of German and international stars of music, TV, movie, sports and politics. All caricatures are available as wallpaper and e-card for free.

Renato Stegun
Lot of caricatures, cartoons and illustrations from this brazilian artist.

Robert Risko
Not really a website but one page of Bert Christensen's Cyberspace with some samples of caricatures by Robert Risko, one of the most famous graphic artists.

Lar de Souza
View samples of celebrity caricatures from this canadian artist. The website also include Flash games and wallpapers to download.

Caricatures by Lisa
Quality caricature entertainment for all occasions (birthdays, weddings, Christmas,...).

Michael Takacs
Online gallery of portrait caricatures and cartoons of celebrities, from Slovak artist.

Fred Eyer
Fred is the caricaturist for all your events or parties at Fountain, Colorado (USA).

*Interesting websites

Brent Coulson - Humorous Portraits
View caricatures and order one of your own by sending a photo (prices from 25 to 100 $ ).

Caricature Directory
A very complete directory of caricature artists and companies.

Original for all car(icature) lovers: Koolart sells caricatures of cars and motorcycles. The Koolart Caricature Collection consists of more than 1,350 images that can be custom printed on clothing, mugs and mouse pads.

Tuncay Erol
A few caricatures (see the furious face of Pink) by this illustrator and very talented bodypainter coming from Turkey and living in Germany.

Neil Thomson
View samples of group or portrait caricatures from this artist coming from Glasgow.

AAA Caricatures
Party caricatures are awesome entertainment! Now you can add the fun of the caricaturist Steve Nyman to illustrate at your special event.

Celebrity Caricatures in America
Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in 1998

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