Tribal Pursuit

Test your general culture. This game is for two or more players. The rules are simple: throw the virtual dice shown and move the number of squares indicated. On arrival, click on it and the questions will appear in the right-hand column.
If you answer correctly, you may play again. If n ot, it will be the next person's turn. The first to arrive at the "Finish"bsquare is the winner.

Start Bouddha Leonardo da Vinci
    George Washington
Rafaelo Napoléon Beethoven
Sitting Bull  
Abraham Lincoln Victor Hugo Rembrandt
    Karl Marx
Cézanne Albert Einstein W.C. Fields
Charlie Chaplin    
Marlène Dietrich Franklin Delano Roosevelt Winston Churchill
    De Gaulle
John F. Kennedy Gandhi Van Gogh
Fidel Castro    
Elvis Presley Lyndon Johnson The Beatles
    Cassius Clay
Richard Nixon Robert Kennedy Andy Warhol
François Mitterand    
Pinochet Jimmy Carter Lech Walesa
  Ronald Reagan
Michael Jackson Michael Jordan Bruce Springsteen
Bill Clinton    
Boris Elstine
Kofi Annan

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